Wrenches - Shut Up tab

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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 05:38:52 -0500
From: joel sorensson <99joeso@ostrabo.uddevalla.se>
Subject: w/wrenches/shut_up.crd

song:shut up
band: the wrenches
album: unreleased

intro: 1 guitar, cleane-----1--------0-------1-------0-----------------3-0------------1-0~~0~~~~-b-------3--------1-------3-------0-----------0h1-1-0--------0h1-1-0~~------g---2--------2-------2-------2-----2-------2--------------0----------------d-0--------0-------0-------0-------------2--------------2------------------a--------------------------------------0--------------2--------------------E------------------------------------0--------------0----------------0~~~~-
then the rest is distorted. second intro: E/ A F G C x4 [palmmuted] Verse: A F C G many times. (play until you run out of lyrics) then the second intro again 8 times or so, with one guitar playing:
verse again. end with the verse chords at a fantastic pace. and improvised vocals. if you want more details or lyrics, contact us : thewrenches@home.se
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