Wrenches – Stand At Ease tab

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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 05:37:33 -0500
From: joel sorensson <99joeso@ostrabo.uddevalla.se>
Subject: w/wrenches/stand_at_ease.crd

song: stand at ease
band: the wrenches
album: nope, wanna give us a contract and the possibility to get into a studio?
       Contact thewrenches@home.se

Verse chords:
E, Esus4, E, Esus4  (this is one verse line.) x4

Chorus chords:
A G D E (also one text line) x8

verse again
chorus again
verse again
chorus again but this time longer with some improvised vocals.
end on A

if you want more details or lyrics, contact us : thewrenches@home.se
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