Emmylou chords with lyrics by Wye Oak - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Wye Oak – Emmylou chords

C#maj9 Bmaj9(1) (2) (3)Try to live like this forever love my mom and not upset her
F#maj9 Ebm9Even my ambition had to write itself in blood
C#maj9 Bmaj9(1) (2) (3)Yeah, I know, it sounded right and helped my mother sleep at night
F#maj9 Ebm9But everything to everyone to you wasn't enough
Bmaj9(1)Could see through
F#maj9I could too
Verse 2:
C#maj9 Bmaj9(1) (2) (3)All the love I have in me I understand how I could be
F#maj9 Ebm9A terrible example when I take my own advice
C#maj9 Bmaj9(1) (2) (3)I am not the victim here and I am not the enemy
F#maj9 Ebm9So I did not divide for you a face to place your sympathy
C#maj9 Bmaj9(1) (2) (3)I'll do any fantasy and nothing like you seem to be
F#maj9 Ebm9I know this from the agony because I don't know how
C#maj9 Bmaj9(1) (2)(3)I believe in common sense and meaningless coincidence
F#maj9 Ebm9But I don't believe in heaven so I have to have you now
Chorus Outro (same chords as verse; harmonica solo)
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