Westlife – Miss You Nights chords

|G |Em7 |Cadd9 Em7 |C G |

G Em7I've had many times I can tell you
Cadd9 Em7 C G Times when innocence I'd trade for company
G Em7And children saw me crying
Cadd9 Em7 C G I thought I'd had my share of that
G D/ABut these miss you nights
G D/A GAre the longest
G Em7Midnight diamonds stud my heaven
Cadd9 Em7 C G Southward burning like the jewels that are your face
G Em7And the warm winds that embrace me
C Em7 C G Just as surely kissed your face
G D/AYet these miss you nights
G D/A GThey're the longest
C G Bm Em7(Lay down) Lay down all thoughts of your surrender
Am Dsus2It's only me who's killing time
C G Bm Em7(Lay down) Lay down all dreams and feelings once remembered
Am Dsus2It's just the same this miss you game
A F#m7Thinking of my going
D F#m7 A E How to cut the thread and leave it all behind
A F#m7Looking windward for my comfort
D F#m7 A E I take each day as it arrives
Dsus2 Esus4 EBut these miss you nights
A Esus4 EAre the longest
Dsus2 Esus4But these miss you nights... Are the longest
[Ending] |A |Esus4 E D Dsus2 |A |
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