Weyes Blood – Everyday chords

Em A G

[Verse 1]
EmWake up, baby
AIt's getting late now
D GFell so hard like I always do
Em A7I'm so scared of being alone
GIt's true, it's true
D GI see you everyday
A7But that's not enough
A D GI got this seeker running along a lonely line
Em A7 GAlways trying to make my keeper mine
D GIt gets me every time
D G D GThen again, I might be falling down
[Verse 2]
Em A7Sailing off on the ships to nowhere
D GGot a lot of things to clear away
A7 A GGot a lot of years of bad love to make okay
D GIt gets me every day
D G D G F#mThen again, it might just be me
EmThen again, love's not easy
[Chorus] A7 A
D GI need a love everyday
Em AI need
G D Em G D Em [Verse 3]
A7 ATrue love is making a comeback
D GOr only half because the rest just feel bad
Em A7 GDoomed to wander in the world's first rodeo
D GYou never let it show
Em AThe other night, I was at a party
D GAnd someone sitting silly looked at me
Em A7 GAnd said, "Is this the end of all the love in me?"
D GAnd I said, "Not today
D G D G F#mThen again, you might be right
EmThen again, sleep the night"
[Chorus] A7 A
D GI need a love everyday
Em A7I need
G D Em G D Em [Outro]
G D G DLay down, my guy
G D Em BFor a short time
G BI cannot see (I cannot see)
G DMy love is right
Em B G A A7 DLay down, my guy
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