Whatever, Dad – Stalemate chords

[Verse 1]
G D EEverything reminds me of _____
Am D (Em D)Even when I don't want to think about him
G D E Am N.C.Daydreaming in two different directions falls outside of my hands
N.C. Bm EmNot knowing seems to be in demand
D (Dm)In popular demand
[Verse 2]
Gm D Eand every train ride home that I take
Am D (Em D)gives me time to miss and think about him
Gm D E Am N.C.and performing a routine of silence is foolish on both ends
N.C. Bm Emnot spilling seems to be in demand
Dunanimous demand
unanimous demand [Bridge]
F Cbless the bashful with a good vibe
G Fconfusion's okay and so's time
F Cpay recognition to your friends
G Ftry to fight the big upset
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