Wilbur Soot – The Nice Guy Ballad chords


[Intro]e|--3-x--3-x--3-x--3-x-|--3-x--3-x-| |B|--3-x--3-x--3-x--3-x-|--3-x--3-x-| |G|--0-x--0-x--0-x--0-x-|--0-x--0-x-| |D|----x----x----x----x-|----x----x-| |A|----x----x--2-x--3-x-|--1-x--0-x-| |E|--3-x--2-x----x----x-|----x----x-|
G G/F Em7 Cadd9
G G/F Em7 Cadd9M’lady,
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Can you hear me?
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Please don’t block my number again
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Look, I jumped through all your hoops
G G/F Em7 Cadd9We got off on the wrong foot
G G/F Em7 Cadd9But I want to prove to you.
G G/F Em7 Cadd9That I’m not obsessed with sex
[Intervention] G G/F Em7 Cadd9
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Left on seen
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Another visit to your Facebook gallery
G G/F Em7 Cadd9This time not to masterbate
G G/F Em7 Cadd9But instead to appreciate
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Something no man could do as well as I can
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Something that shouldn’t be for free
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Because I’m the only guy for you
G G/F Em7 Cadd9And you’re the only girl for me
Cmadd9 So then why won’t you
F Show me your tits?
G G/F Em7 Cadd9
G G/F Em7 Cadd9That restraining order
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Was a bit far
G G/F Em7 Cadd9All I did was attach my tracker onto your car
G G/F Em7 Cadd9That’s not a felony
G G/F Em7 Cadd9It’s not even a crime
G G/F Em7 Cadd9I just want to make sure
G G/F Em7 Cadd9You’re not seeing any black guys
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Oh, who am I kidding?
G G/F Em7 Cadd9A girl as pure as you
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Would never go for a man like me
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Because you are what reality is made of
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Even the part that’s gritty
Cmadd9 So then why won’t you
F Show me your tits?
N.c Consensually
G G/F Em7 Cadd9(I’m a gentleman what can I say?
I'm also really metaly stable.)
G G/F Em7 Cadd9I’m gonna kill myself
G G/F Em7 Cadd9If you don’t go out with me
G G/F Em7 Cadd9I mean, it’s a stretch
G G/F Em7 Cadd9But blood is my dichotomy
G G/F Em7 Cadd9I mean, come on
G G/F Em7 Cadd9I wrote you a fucking song
G G/F Em7 Cadd9I wouldn’t have done this if you weren’t an attractive woman.
G G/F Em7 Cadd9(Not… not that you’re just a woman to me.
G G/F Em7 Cadd9Trust me, I’m a sensitive man.
G G/F Em7 Cadd9I can see below the skin.)
Cmadd9 So why won’t you
F Show me your tits?
[Repeat Intro]
G G/F This isn’t where it ends
Em7 Cadd9We all make our mistakes
G G/F And the world will keep on turning
Em7 Cadd9But it seems a lot slower
G G/F When you’re not around
N.cIll settle for a picture of your... feet
N.cEnds on G (strum once [let ring])
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