Witchcraft – Deconstruction chords


E G Am G A  E G Am G D 4x

B D 2x
Bm D 2x

[Verse 1]

D Bm D Em D BmSay me mister officer, what is it that you want from me?
D Bm D Em D Bm D AI'm just another brick in this fascist regime society
A BmI stand naked and abused
D Bm D Em D BmUtopian idealist breaking ways for all to see
D Bm D Em D BmDeconstructed patterns manifest in broken helpless souls
A Bm DInspiration draws us all from amused, abused, and disconnect
Bm D Bm ASuspicion and coalition hold their hands when trust is gone
A EmSatan is amused
[Solo] Em G Em G A Dm Em C A D C D E D F E C A D F E C D F E C A D F E C [Bridge]
C D AIf all our love
D F Em CDescended from above
D AThe altruistic ones
D Em AmWould cherish in their hearts
[Solo] D F C A D F C D F E C A D F E C [Bridge]
C Dm E C ADecide and conduct
D F E CCorrect your misconduct
D Dm E CBe brave and be strong
Dm D F Am CHolding no other wrong
[Solo] D Dm F E C A D D F A C D D Dm F Em C Am Dm Dm E C D D F E C A D D F E C E D D F D F Dm F Dm F [Verse 2]
F Dm F Dm F DmDefinition of your mission is (rules of?) glass eternally
F Dm F Dm F Dm CTell me why then I am unaffected by your gravity
F DmTension blows a fuse
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