Still chords with lyrics by Witness - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Witness – Still chords

G   D

G D G DEveryday I think like this,
C Git's like a fever,
C Dit's like fever I'm coming down with
G D G DHold this shaking hand of mine
C Glike you're part of me
C Dlike your actually a part of me
CAnd everyday I think like this
Emand every reasoned thought reduces
D Dsus4 Dto an empty shell
G D G DBut there's nobody to tell
C Gthat it can't be perfect
C Dthat this picture can't be perfect
[Instrumental] G D G D C G C D [Verse]
G D G DSteal my memories
C Gcause they are nothing,
C DI could just invent some more
G D G DAnd when I cannot sleep
C GI just try waking up
C Dlose some battles, win some wars
C DAnd in the still of life I feel it
Empulling from the centre
D Dsus4 Dhear the word and run for cover
G D G DSome can die before their bodies stop
C Gbut I'm still breathing
C D Dsus4 Dand while I'm breathing I'd better get up and leave
CAnd when I see my time
Dhigh above the day I die
Em Dway too high to stop and care
G D Em CI still want you there, I still want you there.
[Outro] G D G D G
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