Cant You See chords with lyrics by Women - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Women – Cant You See chords


AWaiting for the night
Feelings blind air
BmCan't you see
D[2]Can't you see
ANot so sure that I've seen this face before
BmCan't you see
D ECan't you see all
F#m A D[2] F#mThe beaten chill of fright
Bm A E[2]Take fault and rust
F#m A D[2] F#mTold us the wrong way out
Bm A C D[2] C D[2]Hop to the town
EWant to make a pass
Want to starve and
F#mCan't you see
ACan't you see
ENot so sure that I've seen this face before
F#mCan't you see
A BCan't you see all
C#m E[2] A C#mI spill the public strain
F#m E B[2]Take fault and rust
C#m E[2] A C#mThe beaten chill of fright
F#m E B[2]Hop to the town
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