Worst Party Ever – Sub Bean Every Day chords

[Verse 1]
CI'm always thinking, are you alright?
FIt's best to leave things like that alone
CAnd I guess I hit a soft spot
FA spot where your newfound friends can't go
C Fmaj7And I sat on your table, my hands resembled heartbeats
C Fmaj7I wonder if you're able to feel my body heat
FI always feel your body heat
F(just once after the drumming part)
[Verse 2]
CAnd I'm following your shoe marks
FWondering if you can make it home
CAnd I'm guessing I'm not far off
FThinking that your drink had stained your clothes
CYou just wanna feel in place here
FAnd I'll always understand
CThe statements we will make here
Fmaj7I never wanna fall in love again
Fmaj7 CI never wanna fall in love again
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