WVNDER – Angry Or Sad chords

C F Am F x2

[Verse 1]
C F Am FCalm down
C F Am F G C F AmYou don't want them to find out all this time you've had it wrong
F C F AmEvery hope you harbor, gone
FYou did this to yourself
Am F C GSifting through all the fallen rain, looking back, try to call my name
Am F C GAll the meaning has gone away and I'm to blame
[Verse 2]
C F Am FOn the cold ground where you left me
C F Am F Am F CI wrote down every time you did me wrong
G Am F C GBut I still come up with fault tailored for just myself
Am F CCan't take back the mistakes I've made
GIntentions buried beneath my shame
Am F C GOh, despite our excess of promised change, it's all the same
C F AmSo just calm down
F C F Am F CYou don't want them to find out
[Instrumental] F [Verse 3]
Am G FYour actions formed an open sore, left to fester
Am G FI won't be bored with anymore of your empty gestures
Am G FYou locked the door, showed no remorse, left me bleeding
Am G FJust like before, lie to ignore my well-being
[Verse 4]
AmSo what was it that we were hoping for?
G Am FYou left my insides all over the floor
AmI know that I'm a burden and a chore
G Am FYou used to love me, but not anymore
AmAnd even though you saved me from the edge
G Am FI don't expect you to do it again
AmNow that I know you're never coming back
G Am FShould I be angry or should I be sad?
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