Xavier Rudd – Come Back chords

I Know this song is more picked than strummed, but if you want to start playing 
this beautiful song this could help

Standard tuning

Intro: D G D D A / D G D A D

D GI know my answers often left you
DFeeling like you were hanging out to dry
DI know my reasons
AHave left you wondering why
D GAnd I've had these questions looming over me
DSince the day you took flight
DBut if you come back
A DThere will be good times
(Same pattern in the rest of the song, repeating twice) I see your face When I'm staring out the window Beaming down in the moonlight The winter is colder Without you by my side All i have is this photo Of your smile to remind Of my wrongs and my rights But if you come back There will be good times [Good on you all]
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