Xx Teens – Only You chords

Left handed
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EI don't sleep anymore and I'm too tired to eat
My body's close to collapse my heart 's skipping beats
A# F#m EOh oh Only You
Oh oh Only You
EI've got a hole in my head in the shape of your name
My sense is starting to dull from the searing pain
A# F#m EOh Oh Only You
Oh Oh Only You
EIf you could see me now I'm not the man you knew
I'm fading pal and nothing 's gonna pull me through
A# F#m EOh Oh Only You
Oh Oh Only You The E can be played like this 9 And play the A# and F#m in 4 and 2. 9 9 9 x x Solo Is same as the Chorus but with a longer E. Pick the E chord to give it that solo sound. It's all a bit brief and sloppy, but that's how the recording sounds. It's not tricky, sounds fuck good.
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