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Yardbirds – Think About It tab

Think About It (By Jimmy Page)
The Yardbirds
Tabbed by Ian Sullivan

This is the intro/main riff to Think About It

(Intro)e-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------------|G------------19--19-19---16-16--------------------------------------| Reapeat once, at the endD--17-16-17--------------------17-16-16-----------------------------| of the second time bend theA---------------------------------------- D string fretted at 16--|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Main riff)e-----------------|B-----------------|G-----------------| Repeat this a lot...D---------7-------|A--7-10-7---10-7--|E-----------------|
e---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------| Page lowers key at one point while Relf singsD--------5------------| "...have their say"A--5-8-5---8-5--------|E---------------------|
The solo starts off with the intro 3 times and then hits some high notes followed by seems to be a precursor to the Dazed and Confused solo(the real fast bit) Listen to the and you can get the rhythms. That's all for now, I will be working on the solo. E-mail me any comments at
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