Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Graveyard tab

riff 1E---------B---------G---------D-555-7---A-555-7---E-333-5---
X4 riff 2 A--7-7-7-5-7-10-5-7-12-12-12-12-12-12-10-8-5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-10-5-7-5-7-5-7-*10-10-10-12* *if you have two guitars playing you can have one doing the bit i highliteds with stars and #another guitar doing riff one because they sound the same* alternate between these two riff 2 is when she sings and you can't understand her and riff 1is when you can understand her like when she sings "i'll kiss you once i'll kiss you twice." it's easy to get the strumming pattern. Solo i only have the bit at the end at the moment
*play this the first time at the end just pick it then go to riff1 and end the song the song is layed out like this riff1 riff2 riff1 solo riff2 riff1 solo if you have any questions e-mail me at
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