Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero tab

			     Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Tabbed by: Wearealwaysfine

Tuning: Standard

B A F# E G#me|--7--5--2--0--4--|B|--7--5--2--0--4--|G|--8--6--3--1--4--|D|--9--7--4--2--6--|A|--9--7--4--2--6--|E|--7--5--2--0--4--|
B A F# Shake it like a ladder to the sun B A F# Makes me feel like a madman on the run E F# G#m Find me, never, never far gone E F# B So get your leather, leather, leather on on on on B Your zero What's your name? A No one's gonna ask you F# B Better find out where they want you to go Try and hit the spot A Get to know it in the dark F# E Get to know it whether you're F# Gm Crying, crying, crying, oh oh E F# B Can you climb, climb, climb higher ===============================================================================
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