Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Bang chords

INTRO AND VERSEE|----3----3----3---1--1----3---1---3----3----3---1---1--------------1---|A|-------------------------1-----------------------------1---1---1-------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----0----0-------------------------0----0-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
CHOURUS (All power chords) G F G F Bb And thats it its that simple LYRICS Verse 1 Bang Bang Bang the bigger the better [x4] You aint a baby no more baby You aint no bigger than before baby I'll rub that cheap black off your lips baby so take a swallow as i spit baby CHOURUS As a Fuck son, you sucked [x8] Verse 2 My skin tonight is a blazing but i don't think you're my type what i need tonights the real thing i need the real thing tonight CHOURUS The bigger the better bang bang bang the bigger the better yeah yeah yeah Oh Oh come on yeah yeah yeah What i need tonight is the real thing yeah! I need the real thing tonight Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh Oh Come on alright
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