Yfriday – Revolution tab

intro - G C G C G C D (Revolution!!!)  G C G C G C D

         G                  G   
       i worship you and i sing your name 
              G         C          D
       for my heart can dance with freedom
         G                  G
       i lift you high as a burning flame
            G        C       D
       as a light to all who need you

pre chorus-
      G                   Em
       Im crying for this generation
      G           Em
       its a new revelation
      G       Em                 D
       oh god let your will be done
      G                   Em
       im standing in the gap and praying 
      G            Em
       open up the gates of heaven
      G       C        Em      D
       oh god let your kingdom come
Chorus-         G    C    G   C   G   C   D
       In revolution!!!!!
                G    C    G   C   G   C   D   G 
       In Revolution!!!!!
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