Kiss The Rain chords with lyrics by Yiruma - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Yiruma – Kiss The Rain chords

Intro : (A = Do)
A  E  F#m  C#m
D  A  Bm  E

Verse 1
AI often close my eyes
EAnd I can see you smile
F#mYou reach out for my hand
C#mAnd I'm woken from my dream
DAlthough your heart is mine
AIt's hollow inside
BmI never had your love
E AAnd I never will
D EAnd every night
C#m F#mI lie awake
BmThinking maybe you love me
E ALike I've always loved you
D EBut how can you love me
C#m F#mLike I loved you when
Bm EYou can't even look me straight in my eyes
Verse 2
AI've never felt this way
ETo be so in love
F#mTo have someone there
C#mYet feel so alone
DAren't you supposed to be
AThe one to wipe my tears
Bm EThe one to say that you would never leave
Verse 3
AThe waters calm and still
EMy reflection is there
F#mI see you holding me
C#mBut then you disappear
DAll that is left of you
AIs a memory
Bm E AOn that only, exists in my dreams
CHORUS Verse 4
AI don't know what hurts you
EBut I can feel it too
F#mAnd it just hurts so much
C#mTo know that I can't do a thing
DAnd deep down in my heart
ASomehow I just know
BmThat no matter what
E FI'll always love you
Verse 1 (Bb = Do)
BbI often close my eyes
FAnd I can see you smile
GmYou reach out for my hand
DmAnd I'm woken from my dream
D#Although your heart is mine
BbIt's hollow inside
CmI never had your love
F BbAnd I never will
Cm F BbSo why am I still here in the rain
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