Genet chords with lyrics by Yori Swart - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Yori Swart – Genet chords

[Intro] Dm Fmaj7 Ce|-----------------------------------------|B|-3----3/5-1------------------------------|G|--------------2-0------------------------|D|------------------3---3/5----3-3/7--2-3--|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------| (x2)
[Verse I]
DmGenet, is it still ok
Fmaj7I want to know what you thought, fight what you fought
CSee how you saw
Or is it all just piffle stuffed with the riffle of your dreams
Dm Fmaj7All that we see or seem: letters on letters from the old machine
You're the real go-getter
CI believe in scars, the heart of the rebel
DmTruth of the matter: did it matter to you?
DmGenet, I want to celebrate spring,
Fmaj7early in the fields with the dew on our skin
CCoffee to my lips, tapping on the table with my fingertips
We're ok, today is another day [Chorus I]
Am Fmaj7 GI keep holding on to you
Am Fmaj7 C DmI keep holding on to you
[Verse II]
AmGenet, what is art if art is us
Fmaj7It's a cultural thing, maybe a misunderstanding
GHonesty, a magnet to the truth
Can you find in me what I lost in you
AmI fake a smile
And you will hear that on the end on the
Fmaj7line your lonely eyes are just like mine
GAnd it's a matter of time, hurry home
I keep a hollow hope to the dial-tone [Chorus II]
Am Fmaj7 CI keep holding on
Fmaj7 C DmI'm holding on to you
Am Fmaj7 CI keep holding on
Fmaj7 C DmI'm holding on to you
Am GTo you-ou
[Verse III]
EmGenet, we're in the heart of the game
Grow from the rocks, from the green, from the pain
DI fight, because I crave to endow the
moment, the past, the future, the now
EmMonet said; ‘Find the right light when you paint. Dig inside.'
DSo I give in to my vowels, to my sins
I cut the grain to harvest you
BmGenet, let's try to regain
GI don't believe in the end of this game
AI live, not to be safe, to be right,
Bmit's all or nothing now or we never might
GGive me a wave I can ride all the
way down till we're back with the tide
ALove, don't you think it's enough
BmWe're nowhere together if we can't praise what we've got
G D Bm G D G Dif we can't praise what we've got
[Chorus III]
Bm F#m G DI, keep holding on
G D EmI'm holding on to you
G D Em Bm A Bm A Bm A BmKeep holding on to you -ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou
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