You Me And Apollo – Manners tab

by: You, Me, And Apollo
From the album "How to Swim, How to Rot"

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Capo 3rd Fret


e|----------| e|----------| e|----------|B|----------| B|----------| B|----------|G|-------0--| G|-------0--| G|-------0--|D|---2------| x4 D|---2------| x4 D|---2------| x4A|-3---3----| A|-2---2----| A|-0---0----|E|----------| E|----------| E|----------|
e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------| (played before repeating anotherD|-------2-------0-------0-------0--| verse and before going into aA|---3-------3-------3-------3------| chorus)E|-3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3----|
Chorus: (is chords with some pull offs and hammer ons, you can mess around with it to your taste and liking as i do.) Am C Em G From the Lips of a girl Am C Em G well i dont love you as much as you love me Am C Em G baby, im asking you to try Am C Em G but i wont make you Am C Em G i wont make you Verse Lyrics and order: Ver I: Rest your head on the table as liquor gathers at the edge (of your mouth) And I could guess who you would ask for, call me Comforting word or two would do (chorus) Ver II: Rest your head on the table as Phone vibrates parallel (to your eyes) And I could guess who- is calling but, Surprise he's yours (Chorus/Outro) 4 repititions does it for me, or whatever your heart desires. background vocals to chorus/outro: Hey beautiful I miss my angel Any comments are always welcome, ratings are also very much appreciated! Thank you! ALSO BE SURE TO JOIN ULTIMATE-GUITAR TO RATE COMMENT AND STAY UP TO DATE ON TABS FROM ALL YOUR FAVORITE BANDS.
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