Young Mc - Bust A Move tab

			     Bust a Move-Young M.C.
Tabbed by: Andrew B.

Tuning: Standard

This is the only guitar part in the song, it comes in in the beging and through out the so whenever there is a guitar play this, turn the bass all the way down on your amp or pedale|-----------x--x-----------x--x---------x---x--------------------------------------|B|-----------x--x-----------x--x---------x---x--------------------------------------|G|-----------x--x-----------x--x---------x---x--------------------------------------|D|-----------x--x-----------x--x---------x---x--------------------------------------|A|-----------x--x-----------x--x---------x---x------------5h7p5-0-------------------|E|----0-0----x--x-0-6--5-5--x--x--0-0----x---x-0-6--5-5-----------------------------|
hope you enjoy, this is a really fun song to play, email me with any mistakes or concerns
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