Yusuf Islam – Thinkin Bout You chords

...THINKIN' 'BOUT YOU... by Yusuf Islam

*from 'Roadsinger' (2009)*


(F F/E Dm C G/B G)e|---------1-----------------|B|--1--1---2--1--3-----------|G|--2--0---3--0--0-----------|D|--3--2---0--2--0-----------|A|------------3--2--2-3-2----|E|------------------------3--|
Verse 1:
(C) G C When i hold your hand,
F G CI could fly a zillion miles with you.
G EmWhen I see your grace,
Bb G CI can see your God's words come true.
F Em AmEvery little bird a-bove the haze,
Dm E AmAnd fish be-neath the waves,
(with Intro Riff):
(F F/E DmKnows about you...
C G/B G) Wouldn't they do.
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