Yves Klein Blue – About The Future chords ver. 2

Here is my super condensed tab for this acoustic gem. I apologize for this
explanation doubling the length of my submission. Additional information is
available at the very bottom.

                         [F  A  Dm Bb F  Bb C]x2 Dm G  C  Bb C  F     e|-----------------------|--5--5--5--6--5--6--8--|-5--7--8--6--8--5--|B|-----------------------|--6--5--6--6--6--6--8--|-6--8--8--6--8--6--|G|-----------------------|o-5--6--7--7--5--7--9--|-7--7--9--7--9--5-o|D|-----------------------|o-7--7--7--8--7--8--10-|-7--9--10-8--10-7-o|A|---5----6----7----5-7--|--8--7--5--8--8--8--10-|-5--10-10-8--10-8--|E|-8-8--8-8--8-8--8------|--5--5--5--6--5--6--8--|-5--7--8--6--8--5--|
  [Dm C  F]x2 F  Bb F  Dm C   % [F  A  Dm Bb]x2 @ F  A  Dm A  Bb C   DS ale|-5--8--5--|-5--6--5--5--8---|--5--5--5--6-----|--5--5--5--5--6--8--| codaB|-6--8--6--|-6--6--6--6--8---|--6--5--6--6-----|--6--5--6--5--6--8--|G|-7--9--5--|-5--7--5--7--9---|--5--6--7--7-----|--5--6--7--6--7--9--|D|-7--10-7--|-7--8--7--7--10--|--7--7--7--8-----|--7--7--7--7--8--10-|A|-5--10-8--|-8--8--8--5--10--|--8--7--5--8-----|--8--7--5--7--8--10-|E|-5--8--5--|-5--6--5--5--8---|--5--5--5--6-----|--5--5--5--5--6--8--|
@   F  A  Dm Bbe|--5--5--5--6--||B|--6--5--6--6--||G|--5--6--7--7--||D|--------------||A|--------------||E|--------------||
ABOUT THE FUTURE - Yves Klein Blue What this generation needs is a war, But it's hard to choose a side when you don't know which is right. Because all my friends are frustrated, boring or bored Yes, they all deranged their minds without a good excuse as to why - Lusting after yesterdays golden stars Ah well, maybe that just never happens anymore. What this generation needs is a score - Cause we realize we can all get along But no ones willing to drop their arms. For our forefathers made reforms to civil rights and moral law, But now that fewer are maligned, There's less pushing us over the line. But oh we really ain't that far - Ah well, somehow none of that matters any more. And the result of all of this is we're rushing on our own, Cause we aint with the people we look like, but we ain't part of the whole. We almost understand our world, we're resting on our laurels And now my heart is shattered, I can't even try even when it matters. Oh so please don't let me go without you - My heart never shows without you. Lately things have been so distant, And I don't know what I can do to fix it. Why don't you love me like you used to? Why do I worry about the future? Is it just that how we manage is not by love but force of habit? And if only I could be a man, And live down all your dreams and plans, And smash in all of your pretty things So the only thing that you could see was me. But what we done should be a crime - We should be locked up so we never see the light, For in the darkness we could see How worthless all our lives must be. If lovers like us who drift apart Must be something wrong with our hearts. At least something wrong with all of us To never care 'til things are lost. Why don't you love me like you used to? Why do I worry about the future? If you listen to the way he plays, you'll notice he occasionally plays the bass note just before a chord. Throw something similar in from time to time to give your playing more variation. Also, in between chord progressions, you'll notice he does 3-note fills from time to time. While I could add them here, you should have no problem picking them out (Oh no he didn't!) and adding them yourself. I like the ending of this song played high, so I chose to only play the top 3 strings, but in your rendition, there are many different ways to bring to song to a gentle close. Experiment until you find something you enjoy! Now...those of you unfamiliar with musical notation. The double dots mean you repeat the section they surround and then continue onward. There are also a few spots where a short chord progression is played twice. In those section I simply put x2 to indicate that. When you reach the end of the second line, you'll see 'DS al coda' which means you are to go back and keep playing from the % until you reach the @. When you reach the @, don't play the following bar, but jump to the bottom bit. The double line at the end indicates the end of the song. Lyrics are available beneath. I've looked through everything online and corrected them to be as accurate as possible. For those who think 'derrain' is a word, look it up and get back to me. If you like this tab, would like to see others and our musical tastes agree, I'd be happy to consider writing another one at your request. My e-mail is wiseguy_joma@hotmail.com for requests, corrections, suggestions, questions and comments. Cheers :)
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