Yfl – Sisterhood Song chords

[Verse 1]

Amaj7 Emaj7 It starts with me today
Amaj7 Emaj7 When Your Grace fell like the rain
Amaj7 Emaj7 I'm giving up, I'm powerless
Amaj7 Emaj7But loving You makes me the best
[Verse 2]
Amaj7 Emaj7 Your time can only tell
Amaj7 Emaj7 Your will for yearning hearts
Amaj7 Emaj7 My spirit longs for more
C#m B C#m B AGod Your Love gives me rest
Emaj7 E7 This is my prayer
A AmTo be humble, to be patient and kind
Emaj7 E7 Oh Lord, You know my hearts desire
ASo transform me, Lord God mold me
AmTo be Holy, true woman of God
Amaj7 Emaj7 Amaj7 Emaj7 (single strum)
N.C.[Chords by Aaron Galutera - The Sisterhood Prayer (YouTube)]
[Original Song by Khalyl - A Sister's Prayer/Sisterhood Song (YouTube)]
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