Yoav – Angel And The Animal chords

Intro: F E

Verse 1:
F E As winter fall down London town,
Am G I feel the walls closing in,
F E Am GThe silver sky is turning us, to stone,
F E We hide beneath the ground,
Am G Feeling so broken and,
F ECannot tell the day and night,
Am GApart.
Dm Well I think,
E But I'm not sure,
FI don't know how,
G It is, we came to be here,
Dm E Doesn't it seem strange,
F G Am GI mean, could it be it's not really happening now.
F And the animal,
E Am GIs always in your heart,
F And the animal,
E Forever will be where you are.
F E Verse 2:
Am G Breathe in the air for me,
F E You don't know what it feels like,
Am G To be, free,
F E But your innocent experience,
Am G Can lead you astray sometimes,
F E Dm And passion isn't always the key,
E F So you dig in and I hold out,
GAnd don't let Go for nothing,
Dm E Didn't you see me fall,
F G Unless it's not really happening at all.
Am GAngel,
F And the animal,
E AmWill always be in your heart,
Am GAngel,
FAnd the animal,
E Am Forever will be where you are,
Am GOne day,
F You remember this,
E Am When all has come to pause,
Am GOne day,
FYou remember you are
E Am Not the one you think you are,
F E (4x) Verse 3:
F E As winter left of London town,
Am G I feel my heart opening,
F E So I, turn around and breathe you in,
Am GAgain.
[Chorus chords without words and with "ahhhh".] End on Am
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