Yotam – Tony Sly chords


Gm D# Cm B F D


Gm DmLast days of summer air
D# DmAs i’m remembering
Cm A#Like it was yesterday
D# F DJust a night in ruins
Gm DmWhere does time disappear
D# DmIt’s almost been three years
Cm A#If life was like a tape
D# F Gm DI’d stop and hit rewind
GmHow many times did we get so jaded
D#When did we ever lose control?
Cm A#I never thought it would be complicated
F DNow, it’s so confusing
GmAnd when i try to erase the feeling
D#I realize i can’t let go
Cm A# FWish a could have one second in july
D D# F A#(So i could say goodbye, to my friend tony sly)
GmYou shaped the way i think about the sadness of the world
D#And left me with more betterness in every song i’ve heard
Cm A#Reflections in a life sized mirror hanging on the wall
D# DSlowly fading fast, is it to late to call?
I thought you were invincible, but then i heard the news
D#It’s hard to win the battle, when there’s substance to abuse
Cm A#Checking for a pulse, but there’s nobody home
D# DI’m gonna self destruct and leave it all alone
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