Yowler – Where Is My Light chords

B5    G5   E5   F#5*
B5    G5   E5   F#5*

[Verse 1]
B5 G5 E5 F#5*I wanted to be sure
B5 G5 C#5 E5Of horizons in my window, big and clear
B5 G5 E5 F#5*And the sun still making singing in my ear
B5 G5 C#5 E5But I forgot the wall is always there
G5 E5And now I sit in idle blankness
B5 A5And a stillness I can't take
G5 E5 B5 A5So I begin to think in figures instead of beauty that we've made
G5 E5 B5 A5And beauty's gone
[Verse 2]
B5 G5 E5 F#5*A liar spit in my ear
B5 G5 C#5 E5And it turned me into nothing, just worms and fear
B5 G5 E5 F#5*The lie became my body, every pore
B5 G5 C#5 E5As puddles form beneath me, acid sore
G5 E5And where is joy among these pieces
B5 A5That we scream into the space?
G5 E5Where is my gentle reason
B5 A5And the light within my cave?
G5Where have you been?
E5(I want) to know the quiet
B5 A5Of its voice before the screams
G5 E5Just sitting in the silence
B5 A5 A5 A5And waiting, waiting
B5 [Bridge]
N.C.Where is my light?
N.C.Not blue, but green and quiet, in my mind?
[Outro] B5 G5 E5 F#5* B5 G5 C#5 E5 B5 G5 E5
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