Zac Brown - Chicken Fried tab

Capo 2

E B Ae|------------------------|--------------------|--------------------|B|------------------------|--------------------|--------------------|G|-1--1-------------------|-----4--2p1h4--1----|----4--2-1-2-1------|D|-2--2--4-2h4--2---------|-----4------------4-|-4--------------4-2-|A|-2--2--------------4--2-|-2------------------|--------------------|E|------------------------|--------------------|--------------------|
E Be|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|---------1--2-1----|D|-2---2-4--------4~-|A|---2---------------|E|-------------------|
Took me a week and a half to get this done. I hope it's right.... If not, I hope someone fix it. Comment plz! For corrections, email me to NO SPAM PLZ!
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