Zach Robinson – All For You chords

All For You

C C7 (x32xxx)Say good bye to the sun it's goin away
F Gbehind another cloud where it can rest we'll stare up at the moonlight tonight.
C C7(x32xxx)Winters comin another season. Another season.
F GWhere we can rest right by the fire, drink some wine, and fuel up on desire.
C C7(x32xxx)Cuz this is all for you.
F GThis is all for you.
This is all this is all for you. VERSE Starin up at the stars tonight and they are shining so bright. And if I follow them then will they take me back. Take me back to you. Standing on the porch tonight. And everything is feeling right. And every moment is so different from the last I'm exploring change tonight. CHORUS BRIDGE
G C C7(x32xxx)Don't let your bones shake for too long cuz I'll sing you a song.
G C C7(x32xxx)Don't worry. Don't ever worry. Cuz it's alright. One day the sun will be back.
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