Zevon Warren – Hula Hula Boys tab

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From: "Glenn Hasler" 
Subject: z/zevon_warren/hula_hula_boys.crd
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 19:15:34 GMT

Just strum these chords.  This is a very simple three chord song and is 
exactly the same as the song on The Envoy.

The Hula Hula Boys (Key of G)
chords courtesty of Jeff Voris
Written By Warren Zevon
c. 1982 Zevon Music BMI

C                   G
I saw ..
         D                  G
        C                G
          D              G
        C            G
I could ....
D           G
      C                  G
D                    G
      C                  G
D                    G

They're singing,
C              G
D              G            (everybody sing the chorus together now!) or
C              G            (get to the point...cut to the chase)
D              G

(verse2 as above)

They're signing,

I, Glenn Hasler, did not write any of this.  I just copied it and sent it 
for the use of others.
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