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Ziggens – Big Salty Tears tab

The Ziggens 
Big Salty Tears
By: Neil R. Rose

D F# G A# A CE|------5-----2-----3-----6-----5-----3----| B|------6-----2-----3-----6-----5-----4----| G|------7-----3-----4-----7-----6-----5----|D|------7-----4-----5-----8-----7-----5----|A|------5-----4-----5-----8-----7-----3----|E|------x-----2-----3-----6-----5-----x—---|
Verse D F# G A# AE|-----2----2----3----6----5----|B|-----3----2----3----6----5----|G|-----2----3----4----7----6----|D|-----0----4----5----8----7----|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|
Chorus D C G DE|-----2----0----3----2----|B|-----3----1----3----3----|G|-----2----0----0----2----|D|-----0----2----0---------|A|----------3----2---------|E|---------------3---------|
Intro: on the E string- big salty tears |--0—--2-—4—-5--| verse: D F# are what I tasted G as I drove A# Past your house A Tonight... Chorus: D Im at the age C When I realize G The liquor store D Won’t bring you back Repeat chorus.
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