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*|Wasting time|*
Written and performed by Zwan

as performed at The Intersection (December,13 2001)
Tabbed By "December Cruel"
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Tuning: Eb Ab Db Bb Gb eb

Fig.1 (Guitar 1)|-3-------3----1---0--------0----------------||------3----3-----------------1-------3--1---||-0--0-----------0---0----2-----2----------0-||--------------3---2----2-----------2--------||---------------------------------3----------||--------------------------------------------|
Fig.2 (Guitar 2, randomly over Fig.1)|-6h8----6---||------9---9-||------------||------------||------------||------------|
Repeat these 2 Figures over and over thru all the song In between dim hours In between dull days I'm out counting flowers I'm still chasing fame Mistake me for a pilot Mistake me for a face you know Consider this old conscience Let no trouble come my way home Wasting time You'd understand Wasting time Wasting time We'll make our plans Wasting time It's you alone I wish to breathe On you alone I'll focus It's not the change I wish to believe That's coming off the locust Skipping like a skimming stone Skimming up their chapters Swimming through your tides alone Swimming on your laughter we're after Wasting time You'd understand Wasting time Wasting time Let's take the chance Wasting time You and I we understand Time is not for making But just because we don't have a clue Doesn't mean we're faking, we're wasting Wasting time You'd understand Wasting time Wasting time We'll make our plans Wasting time PLEASE NOTE: The recorded version of this song (that you can listen to in the "Spun" trailer), it's played in standard tuning, and there is this Figure repeated over and over the Fig.1
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