Zac Hicks – Gospel Doxology chords

[Verse 1]
Dm7 C/D Bbmaj7/DYour perfect law exposes me
Dm7 Bbsus2 Csus CI feel my sin and desperate need
Dm7 Bbsus2 Gm7My best good works are powerless
Dm7 Bb2 Ebmaj9To satisfy Your righteousness
[Verse 2]
GBut there is One who lived for me
Csus Dsus DHis life, my only victo- ry
Em7 Em7/D Csus2His death forever sealed in time
Dsus GThat I am His and He is mine
[Verse 3]
Esus A E/A APraise God from Whom all blessings flow
A/C# D A Esus EPraise Him all creatures here be- low
A D E APraise Him above ye heavenly host
A D Esus APraise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Bm7 Esus AA- - men
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