Zach Bryan – I Wont Give Up On You chords

A9/F# A9 E x 2

[Verse 1]
A9/F# A9 I like the way your face looks
EWhen you're smiling like a vandal
A9/F# A9Waking up warm with you in a room
EThat's too cold for us to handle
A9/F#And in this shack I'm living in
A9You don't mind sleeping in
EEating food leftover from last night
A9/F#Though I know you love me babe
A9 EAnd for me you will crawl, and scratch, and fight
A9/F#So We'll go out on Saturday
A9And ride the bronco through the bay
ESit and drink cerveza by the shore
A9/F#You'll tell me you want me girl
A9 N.C. EEven if I'm wrecked, lonely, and poor
A9/F# A9 ESo don't give uu-ah-up on me
A9/F# A9You don't care where I'm buying
EYour ring
[Verse 2]
A9/F#Girls today will drink all day
A9 EAnd fall in love with any boy they see
A9/F#You're a sight of utmost beauty
A9 EUtmost strength and utmost loyalty
A9/F#So I'll sit here and drink all night
A9 Eand Talk about the Lord's delight in you
A9/F#If my mama could just see you laugh
A9 EI know that she could see the shine in you
A9/F#She'd say thanks for taking care
A9Of a baby boy 'cause she can't be there
EAnd hug you till your little lungs turn blue
A9/F# A9 ENo I won't give up on you
A9/F# A9 ENo I won't give up on you
A9/F# A9 ENo I won't give up on you
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