Zach Yeldell – Hope On The Water chords

G#      A       G#      A       G#              A
C#m     B       A       B       C#m     B       A

C#m B A BWhen you’re surrounded by 1000 reasons why
C#m B A BEach one a reminder of why you should never try
C#m B A BYou know the boat is all, all you’ve ever known
C#m B A BNo matter how long you stay it never feels like home
B AThen you say come, I want to go
B AYou say trust in me, how could I say no
EYou’re my hope on the water
BYou’re the hand when I’m in need
C#m B AYou’re the only one who could ever calm my raging seas
EYou’re the peace when I’m doubting
BWhen the storm makes it unclear
C#m B AYou’re my faith to walk on water and bigger than all my fears
C#m B A BYou choose to take that chance finally letting go
C#m B A BYou see the waves they crash screaming all the louder no
C#m B A BHe reaches out his hand because he knows when you’re in need
C#m B AWhen you look into his eyes you know you’ll never sin
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