Yesterday chords with lyrics by Zander Reese - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Zander Reese – Yesterday chords


Dm CI want to tell you,
Bjust what you meant to me
A DmBefore you lost your mind.
Dm CIf things never seem to change
Bbut they still are not the same
A Dmas they were to yesterday
A DmBabe, I shoulda got 'em yesterday
Dm CI wish you could see
Bjust what you do to me
A Dmwhy don't you speak no more?
Dm CAnd I tell you how it goes
Bwhen nobody really knows
A Dmjust who you are today
Dm CAnd I just wanna go home,
Ba place that I don't know
A Dmwhere I can waste away
Dm CBabe, I shoulda got 'em yesterday
Bshoulda got 'em yesterday
A Dmshoulda got 'em yesterday
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