Zina Goldrich – Altos Lament chords


Am F9I've had much good luck as a performer
Am C/D D9I've been cast in almost every show
F7 C/E Dm7 C7From Carousel to Hair on Broadway I was there
Bm7 Esus4 E7But you'd never never know
Am F9Perhaps you picked me out last year in Phantom
Am C6/D D9Or underneath my dirt in miser - a - ble
F7 C/E Dm7 C7But if you tried to pick me out from all the voices in the crowd
Bm7 Esus4 E7I am certain that you must have had a probl - eh
A7sus A7 A7/D Dm/FMy plight is quite familiar to those who tread the boards
Em7At the Neberlander
A7sus A7 A7/D DmSchubert or Rialto
F F#dim7Although I've got a great high C
C/G A9The reaction seems to be
C/D"ooh that's great dear...
D9 F/GBut we need you to sing alto"
C6 Dm7 G7Give me a chance to sing melody
C6 Bb7 A7 G/B CmGive me a crack at the tune
A7/C# Am/F# Fm6 C6/E A7 I'm filled with chagrin every time I begin
D9 F/G G7 Cadd2 E7By the light of the silvery moon
Amadd2 Am F9 Amadd2 Am C/D D9Just one little shot at the melody give me a moment to shine
Am/F# Fm6 C/E Ab7/Eb Dm7 F/G G7 C Gm7I'm sick of can't help lovin' that man of mine
C7 Fadd2 F#dim7 C6/G Bb/C Just look at Oklahoma for example
C7 Fadd2 F#dim7 C6/G Bb/C That rousing title number of the show
Fadd2 F#dim7 While everyone is singing
C6/G Am7Okla - ho - ma
Dm7 G7 C6I get skyyyyyyy 'yo oh'
Ab Ebm/Ab Ab7
Db Dbadd9 Db Dbdim7The hills are alive with the sound of music
D A7/D DThree little maids from school are we
A7/D DPert as a school girl well can be
A7/D D Bm7 E7sus4 E7 AFilled to the brim with girlish glee; three little maids from school.
F-G-A-Bb-C F-G-A-Bb-C
Bb Gm C7Touch me it's so easy to leave me
F C7 C F
C7 FWhat mirror where?
C Em/B B7 Em D7 G9 Which what where who who who who?
G9 G7Such a pretty me
Ab9 Ab7 such a pretty me!
Db9 Db6 Ebm7 Ab7Pull a few strings for the melody
Db9 Db6 Cb7 Bb7 Ab/C DbmDon't care if the solo is teeny
Bb/D Gm7 Gbm Fm7 Bb7 It would be Nirvana from heaven such manna
Eb9 Gb/Ab Ab7To sing something other than
Ab7 Db9 Db6 Ebm7 Ab7I'm down on my knees for the melody
Db9 Db6 Db/C Bbm A7I'm begging with all of my might:
Db/Ab Eb/Ab Db/Ab Db Ab/C BbmJust half a bar and let this chorus girl
Fm Ebm7add4Be a star
Ab7 Db7Tonight!
Ab7 Db
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