Zz Top – Tv Dinners chords


D5 TV dinners there's nothing else to eat
D5 TV dinners they really can't be beat
Bm I like them frozen but you understand
D5 I throw them in and wave them and I'm a brand new man oh yeah!
D5 TV dinners they're going to my head
D5 TV dinners my skin is turning red
Bm Twenty year old turkey in a thirty year old tin
Bm D5 I can't wait until tomorrow and thaw one out again oh yeah!
[Chords over solo] D5 Bm D5 [Verse]
D5 TV dinners I'm feeling kinda rough
D5 TV dinners this one's kinda tough
Bm I like the enchiladas and the teriyaki too
Bm D5 I even like the chicken if the sauce is not too blue
D5 And they're mine, all mine, oh yeah
D5 And they sure are fine
D5 Got to have them
D5 Give me something now
[Outro] G5 F5 D5
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