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Admiral Freebee - Afterglow chords

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D  F#m  G  D  A  A' (riff 1)  
 A  D (riff 2)

D                        F#m
Sometimes When I'm Awful Low
        G               D              A
i Don't Think About The Blue Sky
                   A+  A       (riff 1)
just Wanna See The Magic In Her Eyes
       G            A    D (riff 2)
and It Shows Me The Same Afterglow

Em            Bm
she Ain't The Kind
            G         D
that You'll Easily Forget
Em                    Bm
boy, You're Husseling Roses
         G         D
down The Avenue Of Death
and You Don't Want
    A+                           D (riff 2)
you Don't Want To Lose Her Yet

Riff 1:              Riff 2:                  A+ Chord: (real name??)
----------------     -2-2---2-3---3-2----     -----------------|
----------------     -3-----3-------3----     ------3----------|
----------------     -2------------------     ------2----------|
----------------     -0------------------     ------2----------|
-2---1----------     --------------------     -----(0)---------|
---------5---4~~     --------------------     -----------------|

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Tabbed by Nick Gallis
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