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Scary Sad

Transcribed by Christine James (

Em D G Bm

All in my mind but there's no shaking
Scary sad things out of my mind
Always on time, but there's no time 
To bring the scary sad girl back to life
None in her heart [??] some of the things
She did seemed almost nice
I can't stop the blood when things aren't right
And I'm too scary sad to cry

Feel it so strong ‘cause she's done it so wrong
All those scary sad things
Those scary sad things

Every time she slit her wrists 
I wish she’d hit instead of miss
Every secret family crime, all my love a waste of time

Every doctor, every shrink, every bloodied bathroom sink
All the filth we tried to hide 
Just a face I needed to be beside
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Scary sad girl leave my happy lone world
All those scary sad things are what any love brings

And every girl that I ever hated was just a monster that I created
Maybe if I close my eyes real tight 
Then the scary sad things will go away 
And I'll quit living in yesterday
I'll just smile and laugh at all the scary sad things 
You put me through
That you put me through

None of the doctors could find a cure
Just a scary sad girl in a scary sad world
None of the shrinks could make her think
About anybody else but her
I want to go home, I want my mom 
To make the bad things go away
I want to forget I could ever let 
Any scary sad girl treat me that way

Feel it so strong, but she's done it so wrong
All those scary sad things
Those scary, sad things

Truth comes out in dreams at night
‘Cause she's done it so right
All those scary sad things
Those scary sad things
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