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Amy Kuney - All Downhill From Here tab

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Heard this on the One tree hill season finale (5-18) and liked it. 

Here're the chords (I'm not putting strumming patterns; they're easy enough to get a hold of.

Intro: A/F#m/F
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A                                 F#m                                 
Canít pull myself out of the bed, its 12 oíclock inside my head,
The people outside feel so far away,
A                              F#m                            
I have a headache in my chest, from all the chaos that you left, 
Caffeine and Aspirin take me away,

A                             C#
You tipped my world up on its side, 
         D                 Dm
but itís all downhill from here.
A                         C#
Mountain tops, level like parking lots,
D                            Dm
Cause itís all downhill from here.

Yep, that's pretty much how the song goes throughout.
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