Amy Kuney - Simple Things chords

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E              A
Simple things
                        E              A
We take pleasure in the simple things
                        B          A
We take pride in little victories
                    D         A
And we wear our simple crowns
    E            A                E                A 
Oh, tugs of war, we battle ships and thunderstorms
                 B        A
And naked is our uniform
                D            B
It's our simple hand-me-down


B                A
It's a beautiful morning
Beautiful morning
              E                      B
Dressed up in summer and tied with a bow
             A                    F#m
Let's be courageous and face tiny dangers
Let's climb those fences
With signs that say "don't"
          A                   F#m
Beautiful man I'm a beautiful woman
            E                    B
Find simple pleasures wherever we go
It's the simple things
     A               E
That make us feel at home

      E           A
For a simple view
                       E            A
We'll sleep up on your daddy's roof
                          B          A
Cuz our sleeping bags are waterproof
                        D         A
And they leave static in our hair
         E             A
For poor Heaven's sake
                 E                A
The sky is tired of being scraped
                        B            A
(And) pigeons crowd the fire escapes
                     D      B
There is traffic in the air


F#m            A
We get high on simple things and
F#m               A
We take flight on dips and swings
   E   A   Am
We fly...

E                A                         E        A
Aren't you tired of being prisoner of your desires?
                         B          A
There is life beyond the razor wire
                              D     A
That you've strung around your mind
         E         A                E                   A           
When you complicate the simple pleasures it's too late
                       B         A                  D        
Cuz you'll know better than to take pleasure in the simple
Things in life...


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