Anberlin - Unstable tab

Song:     Unstable
Artist:   Anberlin
Album:    Vital (2012)

Tabbed, ear-transcribed by:  Travis Stewart

Standard Tuning

Chords sound right when played along with the song. I sometimes omit playing the F# note 
in the D chord (3rd fret, high E string), and let the open E note  ring.
Listen to the song for the strumming pattern.
Also a quick note on the A/E chord. I don't want to confuse any beginner players, but 
this is essentially played:



but only necessary when finger-picking.

The ending solo was tabbed using my classical guitar, some of those slides could easily 
be played as bends also, listen to the song to refine the solo.


Intro: (F# key on a piano or D string, 4th fret on guitar)

(Verse One)

F#m                     D                   E                   F#m
 You came out of nowhere, but who could you hold wild horse unstable

F#m                        D      E   F#m                                    D
Do you still do as you're toooollllld, Think you're wild and you're free now

D                    E                  F#m                                        D     
Think you can cover me, well save yourself. Pretend like you don't do what you're tooooollllld


D     F#m     A/E       E
  Come around, let me in

E        D                          F#m                    A/E               E
How can I talk you down from that ledge, Unless you let me in?

(Verse Two)

(still E)       F#m                                    D              E
You heard when I called you, But you still lost your way,  Are you able

F#m                       D           E
To do just what you knooooooooooooooooww?

E            F#m                         D               E
Taught me to trust now, Yet you have no faith, In yourself

E              F#m                         D           E
Why can't you believe in what you know? Oooohhh Oooohhhhhhhh


D     F#m           A/E           E
  Come around (Darling), let me in

E        D                          F#m                    A/E
How can I talk you down from that ledge, Unless you let me in?


F#m               F#m                    D
    How can I talk you down unless you come around,

E             F#m              E
 Come around, come aroooooouuuuuund? Oooh!


D     F#m           A/E           E
  Come around (Darling), let me in

E        D                          F#m                    A/E           E
How can I talk you down from that ledge, Unless you let me in? (Let me in!!)

D     F#m    A/E           E
  Come around, let me innnn

 D                            F#m                    A/E          E
I'll talk you down from that ledge, If you let me innn

          D      F#m    A/E           E
Lovely....  (Begin guitar solO)

D                            F#m                    A/E          E
(No lyrics)

Small end solo:

(/) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato



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