Angels - Cry Baby Cry chords

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Cry Baby Cry:The Angels.
#38 on BB Hot 100 on CAPRICE Records
in 1962.

G          Bm         Am7        D
Cry, baby, cry, baby, cry, baby, cry..

G          Bm   Am7             D       G
Cry, baby, cry, and you'll feel better..your tears 
   Bm                          Am7         D
outside..(your tears outside)..are so much wetter.
     Bm       E    Am7         D                Bm
It's wrong to hide teardrops inside when you're blue. 
                              Am7              D7
(so blue)..oh, when you're in love..(you're in love.)

    G               Bm   Am7             D          G
The tears from your eyes are nothing but, go 
       Bm                    Am7            D
on and cry..(go on and cry)..just cause you oughta.
Bm       E            Am7        D         G          Am7
Cry when you feel the feeling is, cry, baby, cry,
      D   D7
baby, cry.

G        D          Bm        Am7           D    G   Bm
Crying defines your's when you cry, you feel..
Am7           D          G      Bm  Am7
something for love and devotion.....something so warm and so 
D     D7

    G              Bm    Am7         D       G           Bm
Oh, weep, sweetie,'re only robbing yourself of sleep..
                     Am7        D
(yourself of sleep) harm in sobbing.
Bm           E     Am7          D        Am7        D
Don't try to hold..release your soul and cry, baby, cry, baby, 
G    Cm G

Cm          G    Cm     G         C         G         C
Come on and cry..ohhhh, cry (cry) cry (cry) cry (cry) cry (cry)
G   Cm  G

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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