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As Tall As Lions - Love Love Love chords

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As Tall as Lions - Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)

*A lot of people have this tabbed as down a half step (which may be how ATAL play it 
don't remember),
but it's actually fairly easy to play in standard tuning just by using mostly barre 
and I
personally like the sound of the barres for this song. Also I've noticed several tabs 
or with incorrect chords
during the bridge portion.

These are the chords used in the Intro, Verses and Chorus:
 G#m   G#mMaj7     E    C#m
e-4-    e-4-     e-0-  e-4-|
B-4-    B-4-     B-0-  B-5-|
G-4-    G-4-     G-1-  G-6-|
D-6-    D-5-     D-2-  D-6-|
A-6-    A-6-     A-2-  A-4-|
E-4-    E-4-     E-0-  E---|

These get added into the mix during the Bridge and Outro sections:
 G#m7   G#m/F    B       F#
e-4-   e-4-    e-2-    e-2-|
B-4-   B-4-    B-4-    B-2-|
G-4-   G-4-    G-4-    G-3-|
D-4-   D-3-    D-4-    D-4-|
A-5-   A-x-    A-2-    A-4-|
E-4-   E(4)    E---    E-2-|

        ^ The extra 4 on low E (G#) isn't technically part of the chord,
          I just think it sounds better...
          it does make it a little harder to play though.

Listen to the song for rhythm (the opening bass line should give you a good feel for it)

G#m  G#mMaj7
E  C#m  E  C#m

Have I ever told you before
G#mMaj7                                      E
I think you're beautiful when you're sleeping?
C#m                       E              C#m
(I have faith you watch me in my slumber, too.)
   G#m                               G#mMaj7
If I'm all that you're looking for, tell me,
                        E         C#m
why is there a river streaming (down your face)
E                    C#m
Sometimes makes me wonder all about your

Love. (love, love, love, love)
G#m                 C#m                E
After some time it's something I find true.  (love, love, love)
G#m                    C#m             E
Love's not a grave, it won't decay on you.  (love, love, love)
G#m                C#m          E                     G#m   C#m
Too many days I was afraid of love.  (love, love, love)

E  C#m  E  C#m

What if nothing is just that and
suffering's the only thing we're good at's
E            C#m
dreaming. (picture that
  E                C#m
a whole world in a slumber.)
    G#m                             G#mMaj7
But don't get too attached to the living,
even every single memory's fleeting.
C#m             E           C#m
(That's a fact, being torn asunder.)

G#m         G#mMaj7
But to my suprise,
            G#m7            G#m/F
no reason why, one day I woke
               E      C#m
up and realized.


           E                      B    F#
Give it to me! (Love, love, love, love).
Give it to me!  (Love...)
I'll keep you in my focus
     F#                   E
with love and affection I.
I'll keep you in my focus
     F#                   E
with love and affection I.

^(Repeat "I'll keep you" bit a few more times until end)
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