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As Tall As Lions - Love Love Love tab

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The other one is close but not quite exact.

Am: x02210
Ammaj7?: x02110
F: (1)33211
Dm: xx0231
Am7: x02010
G: 320003

Some of the chords for verse 2 can be
played a little different if you want:
Ammaj7: 4x2210
Am7: 3x2210

Am, Ammaj7
F, Dm, F, Dm
Have I ever told you before
Ammaj7                               F       
I think you're beautiful when you're sleeping?
Dm               F              Dm
I have faith you watch me in my slumber, too.
   Am                               Ammaj7
If I'm all that you're looking for, tell me,
                     F         Dm
why is there a river streaming down your face
F                  Dm
Sometimes makes me wonder all about your 

love. (love, love, love, love)

Am              Dm                    F
After some time it's something i find true. 
Am                  Dm                F
Love's not a grave, it won't decay on you.
Am            Dm              F      Am, Dm
Too many days I was afraid of love.

What if nothing is just that and
suffering's the only thing we're good at
F         Dm
Dreaming, picture that
  F                Dm
a whole world in a slumber.
    Am                             Ammaj7
But don't get too attatched to the living,
even every single memory's fleeting.
Dm             F           Dm
That's a fact, being torn asunder.
Am         Ammaj7
But to my suprise,
          Am7            D/F#
no reason why, one day i woke
          F      Dm
up and realized.


               F    C, G
Give it to me, love. 
I'll keep you in my focus
with love and affection. 
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