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Ashanti - Foolish tab

I think this is a new artist, I couldn't find her, so...

Artist Information
Name: Ashanti (Douglas... Mainly called Ashanti)
Album (1st and only) Self-titled
Main Singles: Foolish, Mesmerized (with Ja Rule), What's Luv (with Fat Joe)
Home Page:
United States
5 Grammy Nominations

Note to UG Staff: The main idea for the song is very repetitive, and that is what
I am submitting. Please don't reject it because it is so short.


Here are the tabs for the main idea of "Foolish". 

HIGH E:--------------------------------------------
LOW E:---------------------------------------------

But, if you want to add the bass, you can play it like this:

HIGH E:--------------------------------------------
LOW E:-0---------3-----5-------0---------1------2--

Well, that is basically it. There isn't any other stuff in the song.just repeat
througout the whole song, but be careful about the rests and timings. It is a
cool song, enjoy!  If you have any questions or corrections
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