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Ataris - Make It Last tab

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                    MAKE IT LAST - The Ataris
Tabbed By: bandgeek10


Chords used: Power Chords/5th Chords

               G     E     C     D

Verse 1, Part 1: Palm Mute

G                               E 
 There's a lot on my mind, so I guess that I'll take it one thing at a time
      C                                 D 
Still sometimes I can't help but wonder why

Verse 1, Part 2: Strum

G                         E 
I sit around all day, and waste my whole damn life away
      C                                    D 
Still thinking about just what there is to say

Chours #1: Strum

E                C      G              D                 E
Should I say goodnight, go to bed turn out the fu**ing light?
               C              D 
And leave you shining in the past
E                   C        G                      D                E 
Should I try and forget even though next week it's something I'll regret?
            C                D
Or should I try and make it last?

Verse 2: Same as verse 1, but palm mute for the whole verse this time.

G                            E                         
I think about the day when I felt you'd thrown it all away
   C                                  D                                
To try and make me feel like I'm the one
G                              E                                    C
You were my best friend, and I never ever thought those days would end
But now it seems like they are gone

Chours 2: Same as 1st Chours but with these lyrics:

What more can I say, I never wanted it to be this way
And where the hell is yesterday?
We sure had a blast, I'm sorry that we're living in the past
Should we try and make it last?

Bridge: ** I'm not so sure about this part **
Play this 3X                   Then play this 1X, holding the C longer     
        C    G    E     D         than the E and D, and then go straight 
     E---------------------       into Chours #1 with same chords and lyrics.
     B---------------------         E  D   C
     G-5555------9999-7777-       E------------
     D-5555-5555-9999-7777-       B------------
     A-3333-5555-7777-5555-       G-99-77-5555-
     E------3333-----------       D-99-77-5555-

Repeat Chours #1 once

Well that's it. This is my first post on Ultimate Guitar.
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